Saturday, August 2, 2008

Soil-based Organisms and Immune Function

An incredible new all-natural breakthrough in Immuno-therapy [Editor's note: Most Americans have very little important information on some of the devastating knowledge about the direct relationship between their ill-health effects that can occur whenever your body's present state of health and the billions of beneficial "intestinal flora" is for any reason compromised. microorganisms that live in their intestinal tract microorganisms which keep the intestines clean by feeding on putrefaction and waste, fungi, harmful bacteria, yeast, poisons and other nasty substances, while simultaneously aiding the body in producing essential elements (such as hormones, vitamins and proteins) needed for proper growth, immune function and healing.

We realize that many readers of the Bio/Tech News are much more health-savvy than the average American and are at least partially, if not fully, aware of the beneficial effects of such commonly known intestinal microorganisms as Lactobacillus Acidophilus (as well as other facto-bacilli) which are native to the human intestinal tract, and can be continuously re-established there through the ingestion of soured milk products such as cultured yogurt, whey, cottage cheese, buttermilk, etc. Continue Reading >>

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