Friday, August 1, 2008

In order to understand the evidence which we will present, it is necessary to provide a brief overview of the discovery of living blood particles which are too small to be seen using normal light microscopy. These blood particles have been found by scientists to be as they state "indestructible." Dried blood when re-hydrated is found to contain these living particles.

These living particles have been found to contain genetic material yet to be understood by the scientific community. They have been found to polymorphic in nature, capable of changing forms, and to be "unaffected by extreme high temperatures, extremely toxic chemicals, or even nuclear radiation" They have been described as "an ultramicroscopic sub-cellular living and reproducing entity, which many scientists believe is the precursor of DNA and which may be the building block of all terrestrial life" ......Christopher Bird, The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens These tiny particles, some of which are less than one tenth of a micron in size have been recognized by various names including Microzymes, Agens, Endobiont, polymorpha, du sangre, Micromycet, Onkonyxa, Mikroorganisms, Mycoplasma like bodies and by the term "Somatid" meaning "the body that creates." Blood on the Mercy Seat

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