Sunday, August 3, 2008

Live Blood Analysis

The American medical establishment does not look at live blood. Their practice of staining blood with chemicals kills it. It also kills the ability to really “see” what is going on. But in looking at live blood, you can clearly “see” that there are bacteria, microorganisms and parasites that not only are in the blood, but that over time can grow and can change their shapes. Research has proven that they can become pathogenic (disease producing). This ability of microorganisms to change is the concept of pleomorphism discussed in The Germ Theory of Disease Causation. Understanding this concept is essential to the understanding of cancer and its cure, and the cure of many other diseases.

Other researchers have continued along the path blazed by Enderlein and have come to similar findings. Gaston Naessens discovered the protit and watched its life cycle. He calls the protit a “somatid.” Naessens believes this protit/somatid predates DNA and carries on genetic activity. It is the first thing that condenses from light energy, and is the link between light and matter.

Virginia Livingston-Wheeler also researched the protit but called it “progenitor cryptocides.” Progenitor, meaning it existed through millennia, and cryptocides being a cellular killer - essentially the ancestral hidden killer, cancer. Like Naessens, Livingston did some excellent cancer research. Some of her best research was done along with two other women, Eleanor Alexander-Jackson and Irene Diller. They referred to this microbe as the cancer microbe. But in truth it is much more than that. Continue Reading >>

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