Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arterial stiffness is increased with hypothyroidism

Did you know that hidden in the over 500 reference abstracts regarding the safety and efficacy of oral administration of Calcium EDTA on my website is an article that shows restoration of thyroid function following the lead detoxification treatment of oral EDTA? Did you know that is has even been proven that EDTA therapy enhances brachial artery blood flow via increased nitric oxide production? Thus, if you want to maintain supple, compliant arteries, realize
that life long detoxification is mandatory today, since you have 1000 times more bone lead than anyone had a few hundred years ago. It is not proven that the bone lead contributes to the lead in every tissue in your body, even the lens of your eye, increasing cataract formation. If you get into really stopping arterial stiffness, you might also be interested in AGE's and RAGE's, Advanced Glycosylation End products and their receptors. Here you can do something innovative, maintain tighter homeostatic control over your blood Read more...

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