Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weight scales are deceiving-better way to win at weight loss

The weight scale can be a nemesis for many people who are trying to lose weight. The number that indicates a person’s weight fails to consider more important factors, such as bone structure and muscle mass.Shawn Johnson, for example, is an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, a bouncing bundle of muscle and energy. But if you put her on a scale and compared her weight to the standard for her diminutive height, she would be considered overweight. The problem is that weight scales only measure pounds, not body composition. The number on the scale represents the combined total of bones, blood, muscle, fat, water, internal organs, hair, and whatever else is on your body at the time of your weigh-in. If your bone structure is larger and heavier than someone else of your height, should that contribute to your weight evaluation? You can’t slim down your bones! In addition, muscle weighs more than fat, so the more muscular a person becomes, the higher the number on the scale. Does that make a weightlifter overweight? Read more...

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