Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acids From Alcohol and Protein Causes Cancer

Drinking more than one acid alcoholic beverage a day dramatically increases your risk of developing a cancerous bowel. Large amounts of highly acidic red meat increases this risk, according to researchers at The George Institute in Sydney, Australia, who analyzed more than 100 international studies reaching as far back as the 1960s.

"It's the first definitive study to quantify the role of lifestyle . . . on the risk of developing colorectal cancer," associate professor Rachel Huxley told AAP.

"People who eat the highest amount of red and processed meat have about 20 percent greater risk of developing the cancer than those who don't eat meat," Huxley said. The risk was similar for those who are obese, smoke, or have diabetes.

But those who drink the acid alcohol face a much higher risk. "We found the risk was 60 percent, and what's classified as the highest intake isn't very much," she said. Just more than one acid drink daily -- or more than seven acid drinks during a week -- significantly increased the risk when compared to those who didn't drink alcohol at all. Read more...

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