Friday, October 2, 2009


Hans's Peter Wiessner

writes "

The isopathic therapy form Microscopic blood dark field investigation after Professor Dr. G. Enderlein (1872-1968)


For millions of years colloids of the mushroom trunks Mucor live racemosus Fresen and Aspergillus the Niger van Tieghem, who live as Endobiont in symbiosis with humans and mammals. Under adverse circumstances they can form transitions to higher forms, which lead to humoralpathologischen changes and thus to diseases.

Dr. Enderlein
After Enderleins research results Fresen all illnesses can develop from the Zyklode of the Mucor racemosus, whose degenerated proteins a direct influence on the blood exercise. These pathogenen forms arranged Enderlein for example impact accumulations, cardiac infarct, disturbances of the blood clotting, Vein disease, hearing fall, as well as rheumatism forms, Thrombocytopenia, cervical syndrome and Osteomyoscleroses determined too. Read more...

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