Saturday, October 25, 2008

Development and today's conditions of the theory of the Pleomorphie and Cyklogenie of the bacteria due to the literature study and own investigations

Dr. G. Enderlein. The largest attention, in addition, the strongest refusal received with its work and theories G. Enderlein. of these researchers, which was of house from Kustos at the zoo-logical museum of the university Berlin, came by the comparative morphologic studies to his teachings over the bacteria.

G. Enderlein emphasizes the meaning of its preceding studies particularly by setting the following realization to the at the beginning of its Monographie "Bakterienzyklogenie": "the comparative morphology is the basis of all biology." No researcher can and the meaning of the comparative morphology for the scientific investigations and realizations will deny. We physicians think here immediately of the career/development of humans (Phylogenese with its repetition in the Ontogenese), who could be determined in particular by the comparative morphologic studies. Continue Reading >>

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