Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Modern View of Evolution

Questions regarding the origin of life are as old as humankind and each era tried to find an answer to this questions with the tools and means available at the time. Thus, evolution theory is also a central topic in modern science, uniting all areas of biology. The modern concept of evolution is basically not hard to understand; but many scientists still have great difficulties in integrating this concept into their work.

One major mistake, according to Colby, is the continuing assumption that the various species developed upwardly in the form of an "evolutionary ladder", from bacteria through lower and higher animals to, finally, man. Thus, man is the crown of evolution. This evolutionary theory basically goes back to the British student of natural sciences, Charles Robert Darwin (1809 - 1882). He developed the concept of natural selection which, in a long lasting process, leads to changes through adaptation (evolution) and to the formation of all forms of life. His works greatly influenced biology and geology and even put their mark on the history of human thought. Continue Reading >>

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