Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Websites of Interest

Explore Publications (and Explore Magazine)
Devoted to putting in front of the discriminating public, quality reliable information from the cutting edge of Alternative and Holistic Medicine, Nutritional Therapies, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy and Physics. Explore Magazine is published for the Medical Profession, Scientists, and other serious researchers who are interested in these areas. This site gives a glimpse into the magazine's contents on an ongoing basis. Topics include:; Darkfield; Microscopy; Overunity; Pleomorphism; Catastrophism; Biology; Enderlein Biology; Harmonic Healing; Past Issues; Current Issue; Sample Articles; Health Flash; and more information on Subscriptions.

FUNGUS: The species specific understanding of, and difference between bacterial phase and fungal phase developments in blood pictures.
Copyright 1997 by Michael Coyle, Petaluma, California, USA. (Explore Issue: Volume 8, Number 3.)

Medical Breakthroughs/Children: Brain Injured Children - Mary of the Light
Copyright 2001 by Patricia Kane, Ph.D., USA. (Explore Issue: Volume 10, Number 5.)

Institute for New Energy
The INE is an official US non-profit technical and membership organization whose monthly newsletter "The New Energy News" reports the latest and up-to-date findings in international New Energy research. The Institute's primary purpose is to promote research and educate society of the importance of alternative energy. The INE bridges the gap between the advanced and fringe scientific technologies being discovered today, and the old and existing scientific paradigms of yesterday. This site includes many outstanding "advanced energy related" papers, reports, summaries, announcements, and web site links that are not found elsewhere.

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