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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
August 24, 2006

The pharmaceutical industry earns one trillion dollars each year from the sale of chemotherapy drugs. If anyone thinks that this industry will soon be bringing forth a new therapy that will cure cancer they may wish to revaluate this thinking. These people are brilliant at controlling the media and encouraging the public that “the cure is just around the corner.” If they were to cure cancer it would be the biggest mistake they have ever made and they are not accustomed to making mistakes.

One of the key factors in successful therapy of cancer is removal of toxic metals (mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, aluminum, iron, uranium etc.) from the body.

Dr. Josef Issel of Germany (watch the video) had great success treating cancer with fever, organic raw food, enzymes and immune stimulating methods. In his office a biologic dentist removed metal amalgams (mercury) and mercury dental deposits from these patients. His methods were so successful he earned a three year stay in a German prison in the site reserved for convicted murderers.

In Dr. Thomas Rau’s Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland most patients seen are terminally ill from malignancies that have failed chemotherapy and radiation. Fifty percent of patients with stage 4 (advanced) cancer recover. Their therapeutic program consists of:
  • Opening up missing tooth sites to remove hidden mercury deposits
  • Removal of all root canal teeth
  • Careful removal of all mercury fillings
  • Detoxify the patient from mercury and other harmful substances

Obviously toxic metals play a major role in causing cancer and their removal can greatly assist recovery. The substance zeolite (Natural Cellular Defense) acts primarily by removing toxic metals from the body. Continue Reading >>

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