Monday, August 18, 2008

Microscope analysis of vital peripheral blood

Steve Denk / Biomedx
Author of How You Rot & Rust as well as all pH, live blood

Video Microscopy of Live & Dried Layered Blood Analysis is a unique technique used to formulate an appropriate course of natural health-building and lifestyle principles to optimize health, prevent disease, and to monitor individual effectiveness.

Live Blood Analysis and Dried Layered Blood Analysis are the two applications that are discussed in the following information. The two applications are modeled through three viewing techniques: Phase Contrast & Dark Field (Live Blood), and Bright Field (Dried Layered Blood), also known as the Oxidative Stress Test or Mycotoxic / Oxidative Stress Test (M.O.S.T).

The test is different from conventional blood tests ordered by the physicians because it is a live sample, where the qualified Analyst is looking for microbial activity, condition of cells, and anomalies that are not typically ordered in blood testing using the traditional method. The dried sample suggests the areas of the body that may be congested, or holding toxins, impairing proper functionality.

Phase Contrast Microscopy

An image of fibrin spiculae which should not appear in live blood at all. It indicates that the balance between haemostasis and fibrinolysis is too much in favor of clotting. Continue Reading >>

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